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Dagesh Pro OCR - translate images into editable text

Dagesh Pro OCR

List Price US $459.00
Sale Price US $399.00

Dagesh Pro OCR (Optical character recognition)gives the user the ability to translate images of characters (faxes, books, magazines, newspaper articles...)into editable text. OCR is used by writers, lawyers, teachers, students, publishers, engineers, real estate brokers, governmental staffs, journalists...

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Dagesh Pro - Interactive Bi-Directional Talking Dictionary

Dagesh Pro

List Price US $179.00
Sale Price US $129.00

Hebrew-English Publishing Pack. Hypertext Footnotes, Automatic Vowels, Judaic Clipart, Hundreds of Photos of Israel, Bundled Cliptext, Interactive Bi-Directional Talking Dictionary and much, much more!

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